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Every therapist wants to know how to get consistent results, consistent clients, consistent referrals, consistent revenue… Here are 4 components to building a solid foundation, so that you can set yourself up to give and receive the consistency that you need in order to keep the private practice you worked so hard to build. 

How to be Consistent in Your Private Practice 

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Most therapy directories include hundreds, if not thousands, of options within a geographic region and despite having keywords and a search bar, to the average person, there’s not much differentiating your style of therapy from someone else’s. That’s why it is vital to put in the time, energy, and effort into crafting your therapy directory profile and NOT make a common mistake that most therapists make when crafting an online presence.

How to Use Therapy Directories to Reach Your Ideal Clients


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When things don’t go the way you want them to it doesn’t feel good and frankly it can leave you feeling a bit crabby. However, when your edginess turns into competition mode and you start to see other therapists as the reason for your woes, that’s a red flag.

Why Other Therapists are NOT the Enemy

Seasonal Slumps

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The Summer Slump is a seasonal occurrence that some (not all) therapists in private practice experience when less and less people are scheduling therapy appointments. This includes potential and current therapy clients. And this is a good place to start especially if this is the first time you’ve considered making data-driven decisions in your practice.

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There are several moments in your ideal client’s path to therapy where they may second guess their decision to reach out for help. And if it’s difficult to get in touch with you, or there’s a ton of barriers to move from where they are to where they want to be, they might give up and go to someone else’s website or worse, lose steam all together.

How To Save Time When Scheduling Therapy Clients

Time Savers

Effectively managing your calendar is the definition of time management

The simplest way to spend less time marketing your private practice is to repurpose your content. You know those creative moments ebb and flow in relationship to what’s happening for you beyond the session, so don’t let another day pass by before you start putting into place the simplest way to save more time and conserve your energy. Besides wouldn’t you rather be doing something else with your time than trying to figure out what to say next. Good news is you don’t have to!

#1 Way Therapists Can Save Time Marketing Their Private Practice

Time Savers

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Keep in mind that although we have been blessed with the gift of gab and enjoy making space for people’s lived experiences, that doesn’t mean the lovely person reaching out for a therapy consultation is as comfortable or confident with that space as you are. So, here’s one simple, time-saving strategy you can implement to prevent no-shows from happening during therapy consultations.

I had a blast talking all about therapy consultations with Allison Puryear on the Abundant Practice Podcast Check out the complete episode below and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think! If you’ve found this helpful, share it with a friend or sign up for the newsletter, where I deliver strategic guidance just […]

How to Inspire Your Ideal Client to Schedule Therapy Consultations

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