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The Impact of Misogyny on the Mental Health Industry

April 9, 2024

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In the wake of Women's History Month, learn how to move beyond awareness and take concrete action by tackling the pervasive issue of misogyny within the mental health industry.

Through insightful commentary and references to scholarly works, you will unpack the complexities of misogyny and its impact on mental health therapists. From controlling behaviors to the gender wage gap, you will shed light on systemic issues that perpetuate inequality.

This episode isn't just a critique; it's a call to action. Start by recognizing the signs so that you can confront misogyny to enhance the mental health landscape for everyone.

Gain a deeper understanding of different definitions of misogyny

Identify how misogyny shows up in the mental health industry.

Empower yourself to create positive change in your professional & personal life.

And don't miss the live podcast recording via LinkedInAudio on Wednesday, where Aisha dives deeper into this important topic by discussing how you can learn how to confront misogyny.


Resources referenced in this episode are below


Your Path to a Thriving Private Practice Quiz


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