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Are You Ready to Pay for Instagram⁉️ 👀

May 7, 2024

POST: do this before designing your new office

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If you want people to see your mental health memes, your dancing lip syncs, your voice overs, your gifs, posts, & carousels,

you will have to pay a monthly fee for Instagram to give you access to their customers.

Don't believe me?

Check out the hot goss from this digital marketer that based his entire business model on teaching people how to grow organically (aka without spending money) on Instagram




Now, you know I have a lovehate relationship with the Gram, mostly because it is hella glitchy aka unreliable.

But you know what is more reliable than social media?

Your therapy website.

Which is why I encourage all of my coaching & consulting clients to invest their time, energy & effort into making sure their therapy website is in Tip Top shape so that when your future therapy clients are ready to say YES to working with you, you will be happier than a therapist who has finished all their notes on time.

If you want to have the ultimate reliable referral source to connect with your future clients for individual, group, family, or couples therapy, clinical supervision, case consultation, CEU events, and beyond …

it all starts with writing your website and I would love to help you!

Whether you starting from scratch or you need to enhance the one you have, you will have access to all the tools you need after starting individual consultation inside the Strategic Incubator.

Schedule your 30 minute clarity call today, to see if 12 months of individual consulting is right for you.

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