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It's possible to have a career, business, & lifestyle that nurtures you as you nurture others. I’ll show you how.

Build a flourishing private practice without losing yourself in the process.

You're on the brink of cultivating your path towards a value-filled career, business, and most importantly a lifestyle that serves you and others without sacrificing your dignity, health, & well-being. 

you don't have to SACRIFICE YOUR HEALTH,

let's do this!

You're worth more than the bottom-line and your life is too precious to suffer by the hands of keyholders to the ivory tower. You DEFINITELY have what it takes to release yourself from their stronghold and cultivate your path towards freedom & flexibility and I'd love to support you along the way.

you know the one that called you "family" all while expecting you
to be overworked and underpaid. 

It's terrifying to stand-up to and leave behind an industry that you once believed had your back

Your values can serve as a NorthStar & an accountability factor to staying on track to what really matters.

You've thought about it a million times "what would I do, if I were in charge?", well that's the first step to revealing what your values are.

Know Your Values

Less ad hoc and more thoughtfulness is what being intentional in all about - and it goes without saying that this is a skill that requires practice. 

Having a destination is one thing, but knowing your "WHY" is another.

Move with Intention

When it comes to building your ideal career, business, & lifestyle, of course it takes time & patience, but there are 3 keys to cultivation that make the path more clear & less mysterious. 

No one expects newly planted seeds to sprout overnight, so let's maintain perspective

Cultivation is Key

No matter how well you have everything planned out, take a refreshing glance at what you've done and consider taking a new approach in the future.


Your plan is no good without putting it into action. This step can also be the most intimidating, so having support is vital.


If sustainability is your goal, taking the time to get creative, brainstorm, and build a strategic plan is a great place to start!


Keys of Cultivation

If your goal is to have more energy left over after a long week, have more time to focus on your role as a person (and not just your role as a therapist & private practice creator), have your practice look more like a dream than a nightmare, and feel more confident about your decision to leave behind your 9 to 5, and start a private practice, then pull up a seat & get comfy!

As medical social worker turned private practice creator, I took all the skills that I learned from years of rockin' & rollin' around hospital systems, seeing 100s of patients per week, effectively building rapport in 15-20 minutes, all while while providing them high-quality care, and applied those same clinical skills into my solo private practice to build a thriving private practice that nurtures me, as much as it nurtures others.

Once I started feeling the impact of career burnout, I set my sights towards having a lifestyle that aligned with what I was teaching my patients to do. At the time, I thought I was walking away from my career, but I soon realized that private practice was the answer, that to my amazement helped me not only recover from the impact that years of burnout and embrace a life that was filled with financial freedom, scheduling flexibility, and the ability to infuse my values into my work, just as I did before.

private practice strategist · compassionate disruptor  · burnout slayer 

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