You were known for being the passionate and enthusiastic one in your department. The one who went above and beyond the call of duty. The one who came in early and stayed late.

The one who everyone relied on when tensions were high and morale was low. You were the one that got things done.

What if you could have a career that you loved & a life filled with balance?

This is What My Life Has Come To?!

Somewhere along the way, things began to fall apart.

The turmoil that you used to help resolve, was slowly starting to seep inward. You started to feel insecure about your skillset. As the external criticism emerged, so did your self-doubt.

As life continued to ebb and flow, you continued to diligently complete your work because you believed in what you were doing. Too many people counted on you. There’s no other choice but to do your job. Besides no one really likes their job anyway. Right?!

With a subtle crack in your foundation and your identity intertwined with your professional persona, you soldiered on.

Your role at work shifted from a job title to a title role in the feature film...



and left wondering if you're the reason why things are not working out the way you had hoped

If you're being exploited because of your skillset & dedication ...

The expectations that are placed on you, are often unreasonable and not realistic. It’s almost as if, the image of the 'perfect' career is from a fairy tale.

And when you matched your enthusiasm with the fantasy, it became a living nightmare. 

I know. I know.

You didn’t think that you would be subjected to such unpleasant experiences. You convinced yourself that your career was ‘supposed’ to be filled with creativity, compassion, and healthy boundaries. 

Well it is and that’s where I come in.

You're expected to have no struggles, to be the epitome of perfection.

That’s not real.

Navigating through your career, managing a business, and maintaining a thriving lifestyle is possible without having to endure exploitation and burnout.

You can nurture yourself as you nurture others without sacrificing your values, health & well-being.

I'm Aisha —
guide and bestie to therapists &
helping professionals.

I'm Aisha —
coach & consultant for
mental health industry leaders

Say Goodbye to the Status Quo

-Liz N. she/her | Philadelphia, PA

I was already running my own business when I started working with her, and she helped me streamline my intake assessment process and
build an online presence

I can tell Aisha cares about me as a human and not just as a therapist.  She's honest, supportive, and
will call me out on my biases.

“You are a gem”

-Kim H. she/her | Philadelphia, PA

My favorite part about working with Aisha is her level of professionalism, organization and warmth.

I felt seen, heard and valued.

She asked critical questions that challenged me and ultimately helped me to provide better care
for my clients.

 “I felt seen, heard, & valued…”

And Aisha has helped values-driven,
heart-centered, & ethically-minded
 therapists just like you

Operating a thriving solo private practice & helping therapists & helping professionals along their path to freedom & flexibility


The world as we know it was forever changed - I left my W2 position to launch my full-time solo private practice


Feeling burnt out, lost, & overwhelmed as I left behind my toxic & former "dream job"


Upon receiving two Masters Degrees at Bryn Mawr College - I landed my dream job - feeling pumped to serve as a medical social worker


Moved to Philly & started Grad School - Cue a series of major curve-balls


Impact of the Great Recession - Moved back home to Delaware - lived with parents & worked 3 jobs 


from Pitt with no clue what to do next -
Med School was not where my heart was leading me


Enrolled at Pitt as a
pre-med student studying Neuroscience


the road less traveled

My Path to Thriving Beyond the Session

Over the past, 14 years, I worked diligently at various jobs in hopes to achieve 'ultimate success'. All that hard work eventually paid off, and I finally found my dream job (or so I thought).

It wasn't until burnout and compassion fatigue grotesquely impacted my physical & mental health, that I realized I needed to stand up for myself and make some long-lasting changes that prioritized my values and the reasons why I was so excited to serve as a helping professional in the first place.

Creating a private practice, gave me the opportunity to have not only the flexibility and freedom I needed (and deserved) to intentionally live my life, I also gained the ability to make a livable wage, giving me the space to nurture myself as I nurtured others.

Is it necessary to have a journey like mine to get there?


Your experience is yours and all I hope to do is serve as your guide as you navigate your unique journey. 

from day dreams to real life

Freedom & Flexibility

Real Talk with Compassion - you won't receive toxic persuasion or experience mean girl mantras from me. There's no room for it on your path.

My values are at the center of my work - bc without them, I'd be lost.

Up-to-date, not outdated. If you want to know
what's working NOW, not 10 years ago, stick around.

Fully transparent w/o the mystery - I'll share with you the good, the bad, and the OMG!

I practice what I teach - Currently operating a flourishing private practice - just me, myself, & I

A Friendly Guide
Unlike the Rest

“I chose to reach out to Aisha because
she’s an expert in the field.

I was ready to take on a new venture, but unsure about the right path.

She has compassion, insight,
knowledge, and passion.

My favorite part about working with Aisha is her fresh take on my skills and tasks to rebrand myself. You cannot go wrong.”

-Robin H. she/her | Philadelphia, PA

"you cannot go wrong"

Before reaching out to Aisha, I felt doomed to repeat the exploitative practices that burned me out from agency work. 

Now, I feel like I can meet my needs without feeling guilty or compromising my integrity. 

Aisha has the ability to simplify complex & emotionally-fraught decisions using data and values-based frameworks.

She’ll walk you through this process and customize everything to your needs, values, & aspirations. 

-Leslie S. she/they | Philadelphia, PA

“Now I feel like I can
meet my needs”

I don’t know if I would be doing therapy if it was not for her encouragement of my skills and how she helped challenge and grow me as a clinician.

She really stretched me to think outside of my 9-5 job and
the skills I was using every day.

Aisha adds immense value to the supervision experience. She is wise and thoughtful. She is an excellent group facilitator and took special care for the group dynamics that made the learning so rich.

It is an incredible value for the money.

-Amanda K. she/her | Philadelphia, PA

“I don’t know if I would be doing therapy if it was not for her encouragement…”

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