Mental Health Industry Predictions for 2024

December 14, 2023

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More therapists will say goodbye to private practice 

We are approaching the 4 year anniversary of the global pandemic, a time where many therapists started a private practice without a concrete plan.

Statistics indicate that over time, a declining number of businesses will reach the 10-year milestone aka go out of business due to having no plan to address future challenges such as unpredictable cash flow, understaffing, and stagnant growth.

Perhaps things are smooth sailing for you right now, but do you have a plan for it to stay that way?

It’s true that marketing is important but it’s not the only thing you need to sustainably create a premium mental health business.

When life happens, will you continue to juggle all of the things or do you have a team of non-clinical staff to help lighten your load?

When you’ve reached your limit of therapy clients, will you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, exceed your unique client capacity & slowly burn yourself out or will you leverage your stellar clinical skills & create a new revenue stream that energizes you?

When the idea of attending a local meet + greet, gives you hives bc networking with colleagues who are more focused on building their caseload feels like a complete waste of time rather than creating a non-competitive community of reliable referrals,

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to being a small business owner & want to shift away from seeing more therapy clients to make ends meet, joining the Strategic Incubator is your next step.


Fewer therapists will accept insurance  

Health Insurance helps people to lower the immediate out of pocket costs for therapy and although this sounds like an altruistic mission, many insurance companies take advantage of clients & clinicians every day.

  • Delayed Insurance Payments 
  • Excessive Admin Time
  • Clawbacks

Need I say more!?

When I talk about multiple revenue streams, taking every single insurance under the sun, is NOT what I meant. If you are going to accept insurance, I recommend that you only panel with one insurance and then that leaves room for your business to offer private pay services.

If you’re tired of being taken advantage of by insurance panels and you want to increase your revenue without brewing unnecessary chaos for your current clients, you would be a great fit for the Blissful Booking Accelerator. Inside you will get access to my most requested resource, that will teach you how to leave one insurance panel or all of them, and make the money you need and want so that your career, business, and lifestyle can thrive!


Therapy clients will expect more from therapy

As therapy clients have more options they are going to demand more, as they should. 

You might be thinking to yourself, “I'm already doing so much!”

Between therapy consultations, marketing your private practice online,  attending networking events, and showing up for session, and don't forget about your notes, you in fact have a lot on your plate.

However, you wouldn't be here if everything was going smoothly. It is clear that you are looking for a solution to your private practice problems, at the very least, you want to know, “Will it always be this difficult!”

And I'm here to tell you that being a small business owner doesn't have to be as hard as you are making it.

Almost every therapists I've met has claimed that they want to make a six figure salary, and there is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is VERY doable, but most of them were not offering services that their clients deemed  ‘worth it ‘.

Real Talk >> NO ONE is going to want to work with you, if you charge top-dollar for bottom of the barrel service, 

And even if you are charging what you deem to be affordable, accepting insurance, or doing a combination of both, you still need to offer high quality care to your clients, that goes beyond “holding space”

If you've grabbed the 360 Degree High Quality Client Experience Inventory, you’ll already know the 53+ ways to match your six-figure practice to six-figure services. 


When you are ready to take your private practice to the next level and create a premium mental health business, watch the Strategic Path to Your MVP ERA and gain access to everything you need, including details about my two coaching programs, the Strategic Incubator & the Blissful Booking Accelerator. 

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