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Keep the private practice you worked so hard to build

Keep the private practice you worked so hard to build

If your goal is to have more energy left over after a long week, have more time to focus on your role as a person (and not just your role as a therapist & private practice creator), have your practice look more like a dream than a nightmare, and feel more confident about your decision to leave behind your 9 to 5, and start a private practice, then pull up a seat & get comfy!

As medical social worker turned private practice creator, I took all the skills that I learned from years of rockin' & rollin' around hospital systems, seeing 100s of patients per week, effectively building rapport in 15-20 minutes, all while while providing them high-quality care, and applied those same clinical skills into my solo private practice to build a thriving private practice that nurtures me, as much as it nurtures others.

Once I started feeling the impact of career burnout, I set my sights towards having a lifestyle that aligned with what I was teaching my patients to do. At the time, I thought I was walking away from my career, but I soon realized that private practice was the answer, that to my amazement helped me not only recover from the impact that years of burnout and embrace a life that was filled with financial freedom, scheduling flexibility, and the ability to infuse my values into my work, just as I did before.

private practice strategist · compassionate disruptor  · burnout slayer 

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