3 Little-Known Mistakes *Most* Therapists Make During the Client Onboarding Process

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What if you could confidently onboard therapy clients to your caseload AND have more time + energy to live your life beyond the therapy session?

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Creating a strategic approach to building, launching, & sustaining vital elements of your private practice, such as your client caseload, doesn’t require you to sacrifice your health, well-being, or free-time.

In just 4 weeks, you can create a solid foundation in your private practice that’s in alignment with your skillset, values, & goals.



Caseload Confidence

Caseload Confidence, is a 4-week online program that teaches new & aspiring therapists how to strategically onboard therapy clients in a way that places their values at the foundation of their solo private practice.

What’s Inside Caseload Confidence?



Values & Ideals

This is the first module that lays the foundation for WHY you’re going into private practice in the first place. We’ll also take the time to create your ideal schedule, which will help you reinforce the lifestyle that you want to live and enjoy.



When it comes to automating aspects of your private practice, technology is your best friend. We’ll review HOW to use your website and EHR as time saving tools that will help you & your potential client, prepare for the upcoming therapy consultation.


Consultation 101

We’ll review HOW to organize your therapy consultation so that you and your potential client know what to expect. This is where all the pieces start to come together.


Follow-up, Onboarding & Referral

Once you and your potential client decide to work together, you’ll need to onboard them as smoothly as you welcomed them into the consultation. For those that won’t continue you on, we’ll talk about HOW to refer clients out in an ethical and seamless manner.

By the end of this 4-week program you’ll have…

  • An outline of your ideal schedule.

  • At least TWO vital pieces of your private practice automated.

  • A clear framework on how to structure your therapy consultations.

  • Enough confidence PRIOR to meeting potential clients, so that you can make value-based decisions that benefit you, your business, & your clients.


But wait, there’s more!

>> LIVE Group Q&As (Value – $297)

>> LIVE Group Ask Aisha Anything Sessions (AAA) (Value – $297)

>> Unlimited access to the program materials & access to future updates of program materials (Value – $997)




1 PAYMENT save~10%



3 month payment plan



payment plan available here



News Flash : Your ideal clients have been searching for you.

Let’s make sure you both feel confident about starting a new therapeutic journey together.

At first glance, setting up your private practice looks easy. However, no one really talks about what it takes to SUSTAIN a private practice and let’s be honest, you can have a huge following on social media, fancy website, and a robust blog, BUT if you don’t know how to prepare yourself & potential clients for the therapeutic alliance, the journey is OVER before it even starts.

That’s why in Caseload Confidence, you'll learn how to screen potential clients + onboard new ones by learning how to automate your vital aspects of your business, navigate the free therapy consultation with ease, infuse your values throughout each step of the process all while building a sustainable private practice that you can enjoy for years to come.




What’s the difference between Independent Study & VIP Access?

Independent Study gives you a chance to take your time with the material without the FOMO (fear of missing out) lurking over your shoulder. Remember, once the program is over, you’ll have access to a total of FOUR Q&A and AAA Sessions which will be available live and on replay. You’ll even have a chance to submit questions ahead of time, as you’re making your way through the program. If you’re pressed for time, this is the ideal option for you!

VIP Access offers you more time with Aisha by giving you access to an additional EIGHT Q&As and AAA Sessions during the 4-week program. These group calls will be available live and on replay. You’ll even have a chance to submit questions ahead of time, as you’re making your way through the program material. If most of this material is new to you OR you know that having more support on the front-end will set you up for sustainability success, this is the ideal option for you!

How will I submit questions for the Q&A and Ask Aisha Anything (AAA) Sessions?

All participants will have a chance to submit their questions in advance via video or audio. The benefit of submitting your question to Aisha via video/audio, is the context of your question will be preserved and not lost in translation of the written word. In order to optimize our time together, I’ll summarize your question for those that are attending live and listening to the replay, however you’ll have peace of mind knowing that I’ll address your question that’s most helpful to you AND the collective.

Do I have to show up LIVE to have my questions answered?

Nope and I’ll let you know where in the Q&A session you can find the answer to your specific question.

What day & time are the Group Calls?

For VIP Access, Tuesday at 12pm (Noon) EST for Q&A and Thursday at 12pm EST for AAA. Group calls start on Tuesday, October 26th.

During Post-Program Support, Q&A will take place on Tuesday, December 14th at 12pm (Noon) EST and Tuesday, January 18th at 12pm (Noon) EST. AAA will take place on Thursday, December 2nd at 12pm (Noon) EST and Thursday, January 6th at 12pm (Noon) EST.

I’m interested in starting a group practice, will Caseload Confidence be useful to me?

Caseload Confidence was inspired by Aisha’s experience in operating a solo private practice and is well suited for new and aspiring therapists that are interested in creating a solo private practice. Creating, launching, & sustaining a group practice is a very different business model than a solo private practice and therefore the strategies it takes to maintain a group practice are very different. If starting a group practice is your long-term goal and you intend to create a solo private practice FIRST, Caseload Confidence is a good option for you at this time in your entrepreneurial journey.

Is Caseload Confidence based on a payment model? ie Insurance v. Private Pay?

No. The strategies discussed in Caseload Confidence are not specific to how the therapy clients pay for services. Let’s think about it, does an established business (think Target, Trader Joe’s, ACME, or ) treat its customers different based on whether they pay with cash, debit, or credit? Nope. In the most simplest of terms, Caseload Confidence teaches you how to streamline your business, prepare for 1:1 interactions with potential clients, and ease them into your therapy practice knowing they’re in the right place, which results in the therapist being able to hold space for them and make space for themselves beyond the therapy session.

I don’t see my question listed here, what should I do?

Send Aisha an email at hello@aisharshabazz.com and she will return your message in less than 24 hours.


1 PAYMENT save~10%



3 month payment plan



payment plan available here



Access to Module 1 will be released on Friday, October 22, 2021


Still not sure if Caseload Confidence is right for you?

Let’s look at the numbers.

Use the calculator below to determine if NOW is the right time for you to invest Caseload Confidence. Just enter the cost of the program, number of clients you’d like to see per week, and your current/desired therapy session rate.

How long it will take for you to recoup your investment?

Less than 8 sessions? Well, that’s about ONE WORK DAY, for 3 months of support. That’s a steal! No where else are you going to receive that much support for such a vital part of your business.

Are you ready to confidently onboard new therapy clients onto your caseload?

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1 PAYMENT save~10%



3 month payment plan



payment plan available here




When it comes to providing high-quality care for your therapy clients, you’ve got that covered.

But when it comes to preparing to talk to a potential client about the high-quality care you offer, that’s a different story.

You’re so passionate about helping people but do you cringe at the idea of saying your rate out loud? Do you glance at your schedule and notice that there’s no time to go to the bathroom, let alone take a lunch break?

And are you constantly second guessing yourself every time you see a colleague cheer “I just had the most amazing consultation with my ideal client” and your caseload is not where you want it to be because you just can’t seem to figure out how clearly communicate why the therapy you offer is (or is not) a great fit for what this potential client is looking for without feeling salesy?

Aisha R. Shabazz_Career_Strategist_Private_Practice_Creator_4.jpg

If you answered yes, to any one of those scenarios, by virtue of being here, you’re on track.

Caseload Confidence is the only 4-week online program that features a step-by-step guide for new & aspiring private practice creators just like you, who are looking to automate their business, navigate therapy consultations with confidence (and ease), and build a sustainable practice that aligns with your values.

In just 4 short weeks, you’ll be introduced to the necessary tools, strategies, and have a customized approach that you need to feel like you can make confident decisions as a private practice creator AND be more resourced to enjoy your life beyond the therapy session.

You consistently show up for your clients, when will it be your turn to reap the benefits of being a therapist in solo private practice? It’s exciting (and overwhelming) being your own boss, but with me and your future Caseload Confidence cohort by your side, you don’t have to go at it alone.


Unlimited & Flexible

You can revisit the program material over and over again. And don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to submit questions and have them answered during the two months of post-program support.

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Additional Support

You have what it takes AND you want more support because let’s face it, you not only have the time but you have some additional questions that are on your mind. With VIP Access, you’ll have access to a total 12 Group Calls.



If sustainability is your goal, then you’re on your way to enhancing your skills & applying them in a strategic way so that your private practice can thrive for years to come.


Creating a value-based business allows for you + your clients to benefit from its success.

In this program, our values inform everything we do.

Let’s Get Started!

1 PAYMENT save~10%



3-month payment plan



payment plan available here