Aisha R. Shabazz | Career Strategist for Private Practice Therapists

Are you fantasizing about your dream job but living in a nightmare?


There are a lot of expectations that are placed upon you. You’re making every effort to keep it together at your job, for your family, but you’re barely keeping it together.

You tell yourself that this is the job you signed up for. Is it? Did you sign-up for sleepless nights and unrealistic expectations? You know that something needs to change, but you’re not sure where to start.


You think to yourself, “Who am I to get help from someone else? I’m the helper” You feel humiliated at the thought of admitting that you are not doing as well as you would’ve hoped at this stage of the game.

The reality is, being a helping professional is not a game. The role you play has a phenomenal impact on the lives of many. You take your role seriously, so why not take the time to get the support you deserve. The emotional labor that you engage in is not intended to be carried alone.


You started off feeling energized and passionate about your career. You did everything right and yet you’re feeling exhausted by your work.

You dread looking at your emails. You’re dragging your feet to work in an industry that you used to love. There’s a shift happening and it feels unsettling. It’s not too late to find fulfillment in your career and more importantly, your life.


It doesn’t have to be this way


Hi, I’m Aisha!

You have a lot on your plate. Let’s work together so that we can strategize on how to lighten your load and invite more balance into your career & more importantly, your life. Click here to learn more about my story.

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