About Duplicated


What if you could have a career that you loved and a life filled with balance?

You were known for being the passionate and enthusiastic one in your department. The one who went above and beyond the call of duty. The one who came in early and stayed late. The one who everyone relied on when tensions were high and morale was low.

You were the one that got things done.

But somewhere along the way, things began to fall apart.

The turmoil that you used to help resolve was slowly starting to seep inward. You started to feel insecure about your skillset. As the external criticism emerged, so did your self-doubt.

As life continued to ebb and flow, you continued to diligently complete your work because you believed in what you were doing. Too many people counted on you. There’s no other choice but to do your job. Besides no one really likes their job anyway. Right?!

With a subtle crack in your foundation and your identity intertwined with your professional persona, you soldiered on.

Your role at work shifted from a job title to a title role in the feature film, This Is What My Life Has Come To?!

I know. I know. You didn’t think that you would be subjected to such unpleasant experiences. You convinced yourself that your career was ‘supposed’ to be filled with creativity, compassion, and healthy boundaries.

Well it is and that’s where I come in.



Hello, I’m Aisha!

I’m a helping professional, just like you and I’m so glad that you’re here.


I am proof that it is possible to feel fulfilled in your career and have more than enough energy to live a life of balance.

I’ve had an interesting journey throughout my career so far and one thing that I always wanted was to have a career that I loved.

And honestly, I found it relatively early on in my career. Accurately speaking, it took 13 years to cultivate a career that I love. I studied neuroscience & social work in school, eventually became a therapist, consultant, coach, facilitator, yoga teacher… So, to be clear, I’m not suggesting that you must have tons of interests, skills, and hobbies in order to find your passion. What I’m saying is my journey led me to where I am today.

Over these 13 years, I’ve experienced extreme highs and lows. I worked various jobs in hopes to achieve ultimate success. Experienced burnout and compassion fatigue. Held prestigious positions and barely made minimum wage. I’ve worked 3rd shift, holidays and weekends. I’ve met the most phenomenal, caring, and compassionate people and I’ve also worked with people that even the most creatively minded horror story writers couldn’t even imagine.

Why am I telling you this? Because, I can imagine that you have had the same desire; to find the career you love and perhaps you have already found it.

But the truth is, even when you do find the career you love, it’s still not enough.

Over the years, I noticed there were many misconceptions about what it means to be a helping professional.

We’re Infallible – A

ll helping professionals are caring and compassionate people who never make mistakes. We are treated as if we are all the same, when we are unique and have individual thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions.


We’re super human -There’s this notion that we have an endless capacity to support others without the need for adequate resources to care for ourselves – i.e. ample time-off, livable wage, adequate working conditions, realistic & sustainable output demands.


We must go “above & beyond” or else we’re not “pulling our weight” – Praised for overworking and punished for lacking a ‘sense of urgency.’

The expectations that are placed on us, are not realistic. It’s almost as if, the image of a helping professional is from a fairy tale even though when we match our enthusiasm with the fantasy, it can become a living nightmare.

I’m here to help put an end to the fantasy and bring you and our industry into the real world.

I want to support you in cultivating a career and more importantly a life, that is more sustainable, realistic, and fulfilling.

Is it necessary to have a journey like mine to get there? No. Your experience is yours and all I hope to do is serve as your guide as you navigate your unique journey.

My role as a career coach is akin to a nature enthusiast – well, I actually really love nature but more about that later.

As a nature enthusiast, I haven’t experienced every species of flora and fauna in the wild or hiked every trail or seen the sunset from all points on the globe. But I revel in the enthusiasm and passion of others. I appreciate your unique interests and your desire for exploration. Sharing strategies, skills, resources, and information while creating space for you to gain a fresh perspective to explore your career with curiosity, is what it’s all about.

I’m enthusiastic about you and your journey, so much so that I don’t think it’s necessary to project my stories of trials and tribulations as sage wisdom that will help you reach your definition of success and fulfillment.

I share my story because I want you to know that you’re not alone.

I share my story because my mentors and coaches have encouraged me to embrace my vulnerabilities.

I share my story because I know how hard it is to ask for help as a helping professional.

We’re expected to have no struggles, to be the epitome of perfection. That’s not real.

I’m here to be real with you and I hope you will do yourself the honors and get real too.

If you’re tired of the status quo, mediocrity, and the rat race, allow me to be your guide.

Consider what’s the alternative?

If you continue going about your career and more importantly your life, in the same way, for another day, week, month, year, what will be the outcome?

While at a crossroad, I have asked myself that same question so many times and it led me to where I am today. A healthier, happier, version of myself. At some point, I stopped seeing myself as a caterpillar transitioning into a butterfly, but rather as a phoenix. Every new experience, resulted in a release of what was, and an opportunity to rise from the ashes and soar into the next phase of a new journey, as a majestic being.

You inspire me to do what I do and my intention is to support you to confidently explore new places in your career without losing your spark, to reduce the feelings of isolation in an industry where we are surrounded by people, and to help relieve you of the false notion that it’s necessary to set ourselves on fire to keep others warm.

There are a lot of people who count on you however, the work we will do together places you at the center.

If you’re ready to receive individualized support as you navigate your career, click here to schedule a free 20-minute strategy call with me.

See you soon!

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