3 Common Phrases That Undermine Our Humanity in the Workplace

October 12, 2020

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You’ll find some truth in the following phrases but notice how we give an inch to the truth and then take a mile to justify loose boundaries and toxic behavior in the workplace.

Let’s take the time to provide a reality check to some commonly used phrases that undermine our humanity.

But they need me!

We often say this in response to why we can’t do something for ourselves.

The Inch of Truth: The people you serve need you to provide the service that they signed up for.

Reality Check: They do not need you to skip your lunch break. They don’t need you to NOT take time off. They do not need you to perform your job without adequate support or resources.

That’s just part of the job

We often hear this when our working conditions are not acceptable, suitable, or overall unfathomable.

The Inch of Truth: Yes, there is a considerable amount of emotional labor involved when working in the people business.

Reality Check: You’re probably spending more time focusing on how to squeeze one more ‘productive’ hour out of an already overtaxed system, instead of setting limits to what is reasonable for one person to manage.

I don’t do this for the money

We often hear this statement within discussions about compensation in exchange for time, education, and experience.

The Inch of Truth: Most of us have found the altruism in the role that we fill. You help people because that’s what brings you joy not for the financial compensation.

Reality Check: Accepting a job in exchange for an unlivable wage does not enter you into the ‘you’re a good person’ hall of fame. Wearing martyrdom as badge of honor is not helpful to you and in most instances undermines the value of your skillset.

The theme from above is that we must forgo and, in some cases,

refuse to have our needs meet for the sake of our jobs.

News Flash – We can challenge the way we approach our careers.

Why? Because we deserve more than a handful of toxic justifications as to why we are approaching our lives this way.

Our careers provide us with the necessary resources to survive and yet many of us are losing ourselves in the process. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Is one of your go-to phrases missing? Share your phrase below:

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