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sustain your private practice 

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Remove the Hustle & Grind from private practice invite more freedom and flexibility in your career, business, and life

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Fill your private practice w/ ideal clients WITHOUTH burnout so that you have more time & energy at the end of your week

Talk to clients about your therapeutic services and have peace of mind that you're making a livable wage

Help the people whose goals, aspiration, and challenges your skills are well-aligned to support aka your ideal clients!

Create community of value-minded therapists that are focused on building a career, business, and life that meets their unique needs

You've spent years learning how to become a therapist -
but not nearly as much time being taught how to sustain your practice


In this workshop series, you'll receive detailed information about how to sustain your practice so that your unique needs can be met without the headache and heartache.

If your goal is to have more energy left over after a long week, have more time to focus on your role as a person (and not just your role as a therapist & private practice creator),

have your practice look more like a dream than a nightmare, and feel more confident about your decision to leave behind your 9 to 5, and start a private practice, then this workshop is for you.

As medical social worker turned private practice creator, I took all the skills that I learned from years of rockin' & rollin' around hospital systems,

seeing 100s of clients per week, effectively building rapport in 15-20 minutes, all while while providing them high-quality care, and applied those same clinical skills into my solo private practice to build a thriving private practice that nurtures me, as much as it nurtures others. 

If having a full & flourishing private practice without the burnout is your jam, then join me for the Sustain Your Practice Workshop Series

AIsha R. Shabazz | private practice strategist

Meet your hostess!

I won't gaslight you & say "you have a scarcity mindset". You're fabulous! Periodt. Instead, I'm going to give you practical steps you can implement into your practice asap!

You'll leave with action steps.

You know all of those juicy questions you've been aching to ask me? And don't worry, you'll have a full calendar year to watch the replays

Q&A + Replays? Yes, Please!

Why? Because when it comes to filling your caseload, time is of the essence! You don't have time to aimlessly wander around the internet looking for solutions, so let's get to it!

Your time is valuable

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Make your ideal schedule a reality without the guilt-trip by reinforcing the lifestyle you want to live and enjoy

Determine how you'll maintain a consistent revenue stream when clients discontinue their therapy sessions. 

Learn how to maintain your caseload so that you're spending more time offering therapy and less time doing everything else. 

If you're looking to expand your reach or tend to your additional gifts and talents beyond the session, this workshop is for you.

Learn the ins and outs of cultivating a network of specialists that will help you sustain your private practice. 


how to build a reliable referral netowrk

How to diversify your income streams

How to retain clients

how to discharge clients

How to change your availability


Keep the private practice you worked so hard to build

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