Beyond the Session is a business podcast for mental health therapists in private practice that teaches value-driven helping professionals just like you,

how to ethically blend their clinical skills with entrepreneurship,

so that you can maintain a flourishing private practice for years to come, without :

> wasting time with shiny objects

> draining your bank account, or

> losing yourself in the process. 

Each episode is filled with strategic guidance and actionable steps to help therapists just like you!

From A to Z, this podcast covers everything a private practice therapist needs to know about :

> Launching a profitable private practice

> Marketing your therapeutic services strategically 

> Streamlining your therapy consultation process

> Communicating with potential clients without being salesy

> Building a reliable referral network

> Retaining current clients

> Diversifying your income streams

> Preventing + Recovering from career burnout,

> Balancing life beyond the session

And most importantly, this podcast is intended to support you as you embark on a journey to cultivate your path towards a business, career, and lifestyle that you've always dreamed of without losing yourself in the process. 

As an added level of support, listeners will have a chance to become Members of the Podcast and gain exclusive access to members-only resources as well as have opportunities to chat with me LIVE on and off the air.

Strategic Guidance + Actionable Steps for Mental Health Therapists in Private Practice

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Just like everything I do here, this podcast was created just for you, so don't be shy and tell me what you'd like to hear floating through the airways. 


tell me what you want, what you really really want.

-minus the 6-figure price tag.

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